Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Happy Holidays!


to you and yours from me and mine ...

Wednesday, 3 December 2008


i arrived home on saturday, slightly jet lagged and smelling of damp clothes and coffee. breakfasting on an international flight when my inner clock tells me it it really one thirty in the morning ...
not a good idea, the breakfast was light and i am always happy to eat, however ...
it would appear that i slipped back into sleep whilst clutching a paper cup of boiling hot black coffee.
my body parts perform this interesting jerk as i fall asleep. used to be just a leg, nowadays it can be any friggin' limb. guess it was my arm this time around!
ouch ... i rejoined the conscious world with really hot coffee seeping into my lap...
kind of hard to leap up in exquisite pain when one is strapped into a plane seat! luckily i had the row of seats all to myself and the jeans i was wearing were black. black is great ... covers a multitude of messes and embarrassing wet patches left by spilled coffee!
fortunately the degree of burns i suffered was not life threatening.
maybe i should start putting milk in my coffee?