Sunday, 18 September 2011

is peace possible?

has this chaotic world of ours ever truly experienced peace?

we, humanity, are we capable of living in peace with one another? on the evidence produced thus far i would have to say  ... "no"!

fight or flight is the way we are programmed to react.  as groups, tribes, nations, we tend to fight! this is the programming which has helped us to survive and elevated us to the pinnacle of the food chain.

time to reprogramme! it will not be easy, it will not be soon, it will take the concerted effort of many.

every small step will count. every child who is encouraged in kindness and taught to respect, instead of fear, the differences between us will weigh in on the side of peace.

we fight because in our arrogance we believe ourselves to be better, superior, right. if you differ from me in opinion, sexual orientation, religion ... the list is endless. why then, you must be wrong because... i am right.

we have to learn that  'i am right' does not equal 'you are wrong'. we need to become 'we'.  we differ, we are different, we will learn from one another and we will eventually come to understand that there are a multitude of ways in which to be 'right'.

hopefully in the far distant future war will become a forgotten concept.
no more will we send our sons and daughters to die on the blood soaked fields of  war in order that the views of those who triumph may be written into history ... 'i was right'.

there is no rightness in death and suffering.