Wednesday, 1 February 2012


today is a fine, sunshine filled scottish day. on days such as this my smoke breaks are a lot more enjoyable. instead of cowering in whatever slighty dry sanctuary i am able to find, shoulders hunched against the wind blown drizzle...
on a day like today i seek out the open, the sun drenched, intent on soaking in my fair share of vitamin D and charging up my solar powered wrist watch.
whilst wandering i spotted a flat stone which for reasons known only to my sub concious, brought to my mind - hopscotch.
do kids still play hopscotch?
why was it called hopscotch? did the game originate in scotland?
i then spent several futile minutes attempting to remember how the game was played. i also attempted to hop, first on my right foot and then on my left foot. not as easy as my memory assured me it should be!
having provided the fellow residents of my apartment block with sufficient entertainment for the day i ground out my cigarette and ambled upstairs to my trusty lap top.
how did we manage before the internet?
i found the rules of hopscotch, a photograph of children playing the game in cuba where it is called pon and even a video "how to play hopscotch".
perhaps the local school children no longer actually play hopscotch? however, the game is not lost to history.
What a relief!