Wednesday, 23 February 2011

the softening

the long dark is softening ... preparing for her summer holiday?
perhaps she finds this whole dank, cold winter thing as tiresome at times as we do.
she might well be thinking ... "i am well pleased to see the back of you lot till next autumn." 
of course, her sibling, the short dark will still be with us. fighting for his place on these far northern shores. he is still a learner, a young dark incapable of keeping the light at bay except for a few hours close to midnight.
soon, soon, the drawn out golden days, reluctant to leave.
sitting on the porch, chair tipped back, boots up resting on the railing, watching the long day die in an unimaginable blaze of red and gold behind ailsa craig.
we see and feel the magic of the long light through wisdom gained during the long dark.
the dark and the light, twin souls, spinning through time.                                

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Thursday, 10 February 2011

the fox in the sun

i came home today ... to troon, been away for a while. awoke to sunshine and on the drive over only the woods were still hiding amidst a light mist veil.

my daughter and two of my youngest grandchildren came over for lunch. it was my daughter who spotted the fox!
i had not seen the fox in so long i had almost given up on him. i believe the sighting of 'my' fox is an omen for me. a message from beyond, portending some shift in the focus of my life!

well, today's message must be a biggie! the fox is sitting next to the railway line, right opposite my kitchen window, he has been there for hours. a train just rolled past and i was sure he would have taken off for some safer less public place ...
but, no - he is still there enjoying the warmth of the sunshine. to give him his due, he has moved a foot or so further away from the actual line.
yeah, he may well be a mystical fox but, ain't nobody claiming this boy is lacking in commonsense!