Thursday, 10 February 2011

the fox in the sun

i came home today ... to troon, been away for a while. awoke to sunshine and on the drive over only the woods were still hiding amidst a light mist veil.

my daughter and two of my youngest grandchildren came over for lunch. it was my daughter who spotted the fox!
i had not seen the fox in so long i had almost given up on him. i believe the sighting of 'my' fox is an omen for me. a message from beyond, portending some shift in the focus of my life!

well, today's message must be a biggie! the fox is sitting next to the railway line, right opposite my kitchen window, he has been there for hours. a train just rolled past and i was sure he would have taken off for some safer less public place ...
but, no - he is still there enjoying the warmth of the sunshine. to give him his due, he has moved a foot or so further away from the actual line.
yeah, he may well be a mystical fox but, ain't nobody claiming this boy is lacking in commonsense!

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