Wednesday, 27 June 2007

on dreams and schemes and ...reaching critical mass

i really should know better than to open my big mouth ... or...concerning the case in hand ...

"watch what you type eryll! if you really must have deep thoughts, keep 'em where they belong, safely tucked up behind your eyes."

thought for the day - "try not to tempt the universe into providing another lesson". because damn it, even a hint of "i have learned my lesson well" is an absolute open sesame to the gods of chance!

today i am child rampant, my inner child, firmly in control. believe me, this is not a pleasant state of affairs ... especially for me. i am in hair tossing, foot stamping mode, with my mental age reduced to somewhere round three years old.
why? you ask ...why, indeed? i am a fifty eight year old grandmother, i should definitely have "that child" firmly in hand by now.

i will always be the first to admit, that in my not so humble opinion, i believe i am one of the smartest people i know. on the scale of "wonderful" i am able... with ease, to rate myself as a definite nine! i enjoy having my own way, c'mon, be honest, don't we all.
is there really anyone in the known universe who sits around thinking ... "i am so happy that everyone else is having it their way, i am so delighted that absolutely nothing is going my way, i am such a finished human spirit that i require naught for myself."
yeah right!
so ... to return to my main issue, perhaps i am a little arrogant and opinionated ... who is not? at least i have the honest gall to admit it!

the parable of the kid and the sweet shop.

for the past while, i have been like the kid standing outside a candy shop, nose pressed against the glass. her young heart filled with a burning desire to gain access and be allowed to partake of all the good things within said sweet shop....
at first the child knows that if she wishes hard enough, she will magically find herself inside. time passes and the realization begins to dawn ..."no matter how long i stand here, no matter how hard i wish, free access to this candy shop is just not going to happen".yet, still she waits, with a small hope in her heart, a tiny flame of hope which refuses to be doused. one day, out of the blue, the owner of the candy store taps her on the shoulder. "hey kid, guess what, tomorrow is your lucky day, tomorrow all your dream comes true. the god of chance has whispered in my ear, he has told me that if i make your dream come true i will be a very contented man. there are just a few things i need to do first, the shop must be tidied, new stock ordered and the books balanced." the child runs home, to let her friends and family know the good news. "life is fair, if you wish hard enough and you wait patiently and you never give up hope, you will be rewarded with the keys to the sweet shop".
yeah right!
that night the child could hardly sleep, she was so excited, her mind sang with plans for the future. when she awoke in the morning she was afraid, she wondered if it had all just been a dream. but no, there in her in box was a message from the owner of the candy store, confirming the reality... seven hours later, the phone rang. the child was overjoyed to hear the voice of the sweet shop owner!
alas ...
the sweet shop owner had spent the past hour chatting with his accountant. the accountant had whispered in his ear "ignore the advice of the god of chance. if you allow this possible future to unfold you will be poor and miserable in your old age, this is not a sensible plan. no person with a smidgen of good sense would allow a kid free access to a candy store!"
bet you know where this parable is heading ....

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