Friday, 2 November 2007

a bacon butty?

yesterday i took a special trip to tesco, to buy newspapers. i was after the really thick ones, not to read but to wrap around ... stuff. yeah well, what can i say, moving costs.

the herald, obviously news for the more intellectual ... not one of those easily held efforts. nope, none of that, an old fashioned, impossible to read on the train type newspaper. perfect for the wrapping of larger items....

so...i was wrapping, not reading ... the nomad is focused ... an article happened to catch my eye. even when focused i am always up for a spot of procrastination and this was cancer related. since my battle with the big C (see 'surviving breast cancer' - 2nd july 2007) i am always on the look out for new and fun ways to defeat the dastardly disease.
the following were the page 4 headlines ... i did mention it was a really big newspaper....

"Diet Warning"

"The new cancer dangers in your fridge"

Processed meat banned...and questions raised over fruit and vegetables"

"It is clear you should eat fruit and vegetables"

"The risk factors" "Watchlist"

"Experts examine 7000 separate studies"

so...don't eat this, do eat that (well maybe, perhaps, just a little, results still pending).
exercise is good for you...well 'they' always have agreed on that one.
quite frankly the list of ..."don't let this pass your lips" is so long...i actually began to worry as to how my poor body would survive ... a girl's gotta eat ...right?

fortunately 'they' have the answer to that, 'they' want us thin and i'm talking really thin here, not just "not fat". recommendation...lower end of healthy body mass scale. hmmm...
last time i weighed in anywhere near that figure...
damn, difficulty remembering that far back., not really...good for your heart but a risk as far as cancer is concerned.

we live in an era of information saturation...aren't we lucky...

anyone for a bacon butty?