Sunday, 17 August 2008

choice, cheese and eating italian


cheese wise ... south africa offers a fairly limited choice. the uk, another story entirely, a confusion of choice!
but ... uk cheese is not american cheese! the mozzarella, the parmesan, the ricotta available in our supermarkets may be imported from italy ...
why, you might wonder is the woman racketing on about cheese?

herself has arrived, safe and sound on scottish soil. a little late due to a three hour delay stateside whilst the airline searched for a co pilot! i kid you not, herself has a way with her, weird and wonderful situations arise all around her!
my apartment appears to have grown in her absense and she now realizes how fortunate i was to secure this home of mine heh, heh ... just goes to show the difference a little sunshine makes!

back to the cheese question...
so... herself has decided she will impress my friends and family by throwing a dinner party ... no really!
you thought she didn't cook?
she doesn't, not normally, not if she can possibly avoid...
pots, pans, the whole darn kitchen and cooking scenario.
the woman comes from an italian family and she loves to eat and she loves to entertain.
eating out in a proper restaurant in the uk is an expensive business. let's face it, friends and family are not going to be impressed with a take away from the kings arms ... heh!
now when herself put her mind to it, she would make the most delightful dish of chicken parmesan. of course that was before she became a flesh abhoring vegetarian.
however, she still makes a pretty mean eggplant parmesan!
british cheese ... will it do???


which explains how we came to be sitting at my small kitchen table, surrounded by many different brands of mozzarella, ricotta and parmesan. herself had decided to taste test her way through quite a few of great britain's italian type cheeses!
cheese wise... things appear to have improved since her last foray into scottish supermarkets. a satisfactory ricotta was found, the parmesan passed muster and although the mozzarella was not really up to italian/american standards...
even though imported directly from italy! heh, heh...
herself finally found one she felt she would be able to work with.

rock on! darn i love it when herself pretends to be all housewifely!! if pressed, i would have to admit that my lady has made me several cups of coffee in the week she has been here.

all i have to do now is locate an eggplant (aubergine to the brits and brinjal back home in south africa) and voila! i will be eating italian!


Margo Moon said...

You smug thing. Are you gonna be in big trouble when herself reads this?

That picture made me real hungry...or something.

reeflightning said...

whilst in my actual physical presence...
herself falls prey to the sheer power of my animal magnetism and i can do no wrong!

dang pardner! sure hope she misses this one...heh!