Wednesday, 25 November 2009

fat and frumpy


whooh-lah, what a day, what a wind! The kind of howling gale which grabs the breath from your very lungs, the kind of force which tries to knock you off your feet, whips the glasses from your face and somehow manages to sweep the mp 3 ear pieces from your ears. What a day!

So …
what was the reef doing out and about at 7.30 on a decidedly nippy morn. This morning just happened to be the morning I woke up and said … “enough! Enough with the lolling around watching tv, enough with the feeding myself every little (or not so little) darn thing my heart desires and my mind can conjure up. Enough with turning my back on the words I should be writing.”

today is the first day of the rest of my life and I refuse to die fat, frumpy and frustrated! I will not allow the disappointments of life to emotionally de-bone me. I will love my body and my mind enough to cherish them, feed them, exercise them.

may the force be with me ...


m.m.sugar said...

You robbed the blog I was gonna write today-thief!

Camlin said...

good for you!

eileen pennington said...

aah Dear Wolf *scratching behind the ear*
i managed to miss this one.
how's it going?

good luck on the taking charge of your life! it seems to be a common refrain among those i know, the Lady included.