Tuesday, 24 August 2010

yay!! i am a non smoker!!

as of yesterday, round about 2.00pm, i am a happy non smoker.

many thanks to allen carr author of "the only way to stop
smoking permanently".

my south african son sent me "the book" - quite a while ago...
actually ...

i finally felt driven to read the damn thing. took my time,
puffing away as instructed, inhaling,exhaling, happy as only a
true addict can be when offered licence to indulge.
no need to stop until i have read the book.
never have i read a book so slowly.
somehow, along the long slow way ...
what the man said started to make sense!

my problem with "giving up" the nicotine habit, was always ...
the empty feeling of loss and deprivation.
i would never have imagined that it might just be possible to

if this blog sounds like an advert, my apologies. i have found
the way to free myself from my nicotine addiction and it
would be downright selfish on my part if i neglected to share
the happy news.

there is no need for me to write of my withdrawal torment. no
need to count the days and weeks of abstinence i have won through
willpower.it requires no willpower to become a happy ex smoker.
thank you allen carr.
i have smoked my final cigarette, i am free!

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Camlin said...

Yay for you! Such awesome news!