Friday, 1 October 2010

time together

bonnie scotland - i am home and once more alone.

one month in south africa with pj's fairly constant company
and now ... just me!

amazing how quickly one becomes used to companionship and how
lost one feels when back in the singular.

ah well, i will just have to relearn the pleasures of the selfish,
single life!

perhaps i am a little sad today. why today in particular...
because today the mann and i would have celebrated our 44th
wedding anniversary.
he would have made us a smashing english breakfast. perhaps
we would have taken a drive down the coast, stopped at an
old beach hotel and sat on a shady verandah, overlooking the
sea. he would have poured his amstel into a glass, the mann was
civilized, me ... i would have swigged my savannah straight
from the bottle.

one of our favourite places to relax and lunch was the
venture inn at umtentweni. a delightfully quaint and
old fashioned hotel, it had fabulous views, a good menu
and reasonable prices. i loved their ribs and chips and
learned to appreciate the wonders of tripe and onions
served with mashed potato.


it is almost eight years since he lost his battle with cancer.
i have grown used to living without him and yet ...
i still miss his company, his sense of humour, his searingly
brilliant mind. i miss the comfort of his arms, the roughness
of his beard against my cheek.

his love was a precious gift. thank you manfred!

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