Sunday, 20 November 2011

sunday, day seven

and i realize that i am somewhat neglectful when it comes to this particular blog. perhaps my mind is less nomadic than it once was?

no matter, it is indeed sunday, day seven. giving up smoking is one of my somewhat more irregular activities. i give up smoking for one reason only - money. unfortunately, i need the money i spend on cigarettes to do other things.
given a perfect (for me) world in which my bank account held sufficient funds for the varied and interesting uses i have for money ...
well, i would smoke till i choked!
yeah, yeah, i know, how bad it is for human beings to suck in carcinogen filled smoke into their lungs.
i am also fully aware of how bad us smokers smell to the smoke innocent world.
damn, of course i do, how many day sevens have i lived through!
by day seven i can sniff a smoker at fifty yards.

giving up smoking always seems like a good idea at the time. naturally the amount of time for which it seems like a good idea varies.
i have smoked since i was sixteen, that would be - not the recent past! i like smoking and i find it a comfort - who knows why.  the addiction of the body is fairly easy to beat. the addiction of the mind is another matter altogether!

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Annelisa said...

I won't say 'good luck' with the smoking, because, as a past smoker, there was nothing that was more likely to send me running back to the cigarette pack than someone congratulating me on how well I was doing (apart from any other excuse I could find!! lol)

I finally gave up using nicotine chewing gum, having tried about everything else under the sun. Now my family celebrates the anniversary by having a huge pancake is one that is well looked forward to, so I wouldn't dare start again! :-D

Anyway, I can't remember if, when I dropped by before, I said I was going to link you, as a peace blogger (how peaceful do you feel after 7 days? lol) in my blog Peace Bloggers Unite...

Peace and happiness to you and yours x