Friday, 28 March 2008

the working week

another working week done... well, working week for some folks.
working folks...
whose ranks, i might add, i will soon be joining!

yesterday was a beaut, sunshine, warmth, no wind. so gorgeous was the day... i took two walks!

i was expecting aj, my foster care worker at two.
after the emergency with liam and his broken arm i had reached a reluctant but firm conclusion. family come first, my saltcoats family in particular. they have a definite need... for me to be available for the somewhat frequent emergency situations they find themselves in. i had written to aj and explained the situation and my decision, he was popping in to see if there was anything the department could do to assist me.

just on ten to two my doorbell rings (it has the most aggressive ring, no missing it!) and i bound downstairs to greet aj. nope, no aj, just lady r looking sheepish.

lady r "so sorry to disturb you eryll, but do you perhaps have ten minutes spare?"

me "weee...ll, actually lady r, ten minutes exactly, i have an appointment at two."

lady r "well in that case could you not be popping over and watching the shop for me for a wee while."

she must have noticed my look of surprise, after all the shop only opens at two, why on earth would she need me to keep an eye on things.

lady r "well ye see, i was just taking something into the shop and along came this couple and they need a mattress. now i dinna like to turn them awa' ye ken."

aye...i ken! lady r deserves a whole blog... nay book to herself...she is a fund raising tiger who works endlessly for the local community.

lady r... "so i need to drive them down to the store room but in the meantime more folks have wandered into the shop and i dinna want to disappoint them. so...if you could be keeping an eye on things fer a wee while, it shouldna'be meer as ten minutes."

ah what the hell...nobody says no to lady r! i would keep an eye peeled and if aj arrived before the two o'clock shift arrived to relieve me... i would just have him sit with me in the shop for a while.

i sold three pairs of second hand knitting needles at ten pence a pair. i increased the shop's revenue by a whole thirty pence in only ten minutes!

the afternoon volunteers arrived just before two and aj was running a little late so... no problems.

we had an excellent chat and aj agreed with me that family should come first. he asked after liam and his problems, we chatted about joshua (high functioning autistic) and the problems he will face when he moves on to high school next year. he offered me some excellent advice on various issues, incredible assistance is available in the uk... you only have to know how to access it!

once aj was off on his way back to ayr and i was just settling down to my computer. griiiinggg! darn door bell again! my place was turning into grand central ;-)
ms g was at the door,
"do you have time ?...for a short chat"

ms g is the manager of the care agency i live next door to and almost on top of...

me..."sure g, come on in"

ms g..."no...i meant...could you come to the office for a chat."

to cut a long story short...
i did...
and they offered me a job...


Mike S said...

More and more pieces fall into place for you every day it seems. With scarce State resources out here in the country, volunteer agencies bear the brunt of the needs of our small communities. Very rewarding work in any position, be it volunteer or paid:)

reeflightning said...

hey mike
how are you? i am indeed fortunate to be where i am.