Tuesday, 24 June 2008

to start, or not to start

michelle fetched me from the airport on saturday...
adam was off at some church seminar. have i ever mentioned how talented my children were when it came to choosing their life partners? they did a most excellent job and have provided their dear old mum with two wonderful sons-in-law and a absolutely delightful daughter-in-law!

on the long drive home, michelle had a favour to ask. tuesday would be their wedding anniversary and adam would be away in oxford,he was leaving in the small, wee hours of monday morning, would it perhaps be possible for me to babysit the menagerie so that they could take the trip together and enjoy their anniversary in the same county.

jet lag??? long stop overs at schiphol, amsterdam??? me... exhausted... no way!

me..."not a problem, more than happy sweetheart"

michelle..."thanks mom, you can use my car"

me... "huh, what's wrong with the rav???"

michelle... "well..."

i swear, my lady rav punishes me when i leave her to take a trip overseas. like a thwarted child she rebels and sulks and sets off her own alarm and allows her battery to go completely flat which then does something to the immobilizer. and then we have a problem. especially when she is parked at the farm... out of reach of my garage guy. sigh...

sunday, adam and michelle dropped off her 4x4 at my place, monday i drove up to the farm. today (tuesday) i phoned the RAC and told them my problem.he arrived... the fix it man, breathing kind of heavy.
"quite a road you have there" he said.

"you should see it in winter" i said.

fix it man disconnected the immobilizer, managed to start lady rav and informed me in a most doleful voice...
"i'm afraid that's all i can do for now, that is one dead battery...won't take a charge...you need a new one..."

why goodness gracious me! did i not have this very problem not so many months ago? how long are batteries supposed to last?. aarrrggghhh!!

fix it man..."take it back to the guy who sold it to you."

yeah right! that guy retired six months ago... even the building he worked from has been demolished...

fix it man departs, leaving lady rav running. i take her for a really long ride, hoping like hell her battery will be juiced up enough to start tomorrow.
spoke to my garage guy who has ordered a new battery.he is expecting us at nine tomorrow.
will she ... won't she...have i whispered enough apologies for my three week absence, has she found it in her to forgive me as i caress her steering wheel, whispering sweet nothings and weaving tales of magical places we will visit...

will she start tomorrow?


Margo Moon said...

sets off her own alarm and allows her battery to go completely flat

I love this image. An automotive tantrum.


drowning pisces said...

I think I have her sister sitting in my garage!

Hahn at Home said...

There is nothing like a Lady Rav - she is worth the money - hang in there!