Monday, 5 January 2009

new year colds, bird feeders and travel


i was supposed to go to a party on new years eve... or is it old years eve? anyhow, the evening of december 31st.


instead i joined the ranks of the suffering, sniffing, coughing and spluttering.

i had spent christmas eve with my beloved (even though, oft germ carrying) grandchildren.
of course they shared, why would they not? our family, on the whole, are deeply generous when it comes to sharing. after all ... a virus shared ...

i greeted 2009 in a bleary eyed state, unfortunately not caused by over indulgence.

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i have recently joined the ranks of 'the wild bird feeders'.

come christmas time, the dwp (that would be the department for work and pensions for any non british readers) are overwhelmed with a sense of yuletide generosity
us social pensioners receive a ten pound christmas bonus!
who needs capitalism ...
bring us your poor, your disabled, your elderly and we will make their festive season jingle ...

so there i was, with an extra ten pounds in my bank account.


i bought a bird feeder, bird seed and a bunch of fat balls. best investment i ever made.
hang your fat balls and they will come!

of course, once you start, you can't stop. uh uh! the feathered scroungers grow to depend on you which leaves me with a problem. i am due to fly off home to south africa for a month, my youngest turns thirty on the 16th and he and his partner, have bought mommy dearest a ticket home,

guess i will need to engage a wild bird sitter whilst i'm away.


Rose said...

fat balls.....what the hell are fat balls? My birds are really jealous they just get plain old seed. I hear them chirping as I type...."we want fat balls."
Your birds are prettier than mine. I most get piegons.

reeflightning said...

hi rose
fat balls? ...
to quote an advertisement...

"A special mix of suet, sunflower and seeds, either pop into the feeder or hang up on their own."

little chirps love them, big chirps love them and eat the whole damn thing at one sitting.