Thursday, 19 February 2009

the long dark

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i awoke this morning to a fine ayrshire mizzle. drifting on the breeze, soft as the touch of a butterfly's wing.

i do believe the long dark is fading, there is more light, earlier and later. another winter, winding down.

driving back from saltcoats yesterday i noticed freshly ploughed fields, tractors aplenty and the men who work the land preparing the fields for the spring planting. soon enough... ayrshire tatties will sprout and grow and the first tender green shoots of wheat will break through the crusty brown earth.

wild flowers will colour the countryside, a thousand different greens will ooze across the hills, in contrast, the gorse will sneeze a yellow brightness.

the long dark ... a winter experience. a time of waiting and learning.
the long dark ...
the place, the time where spring waits and grows.

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