Friday, 27 February 2009

sun powered

too much prozac, too balanced
there are words in my misery
strangely absent in times of content
an interesting phenomenon
but tiresome, in a way
my empty mind will search ... somewhat ...

two days ago, the sun shone
warmth wove through ballantrae
the surrounding sounds changed
the natural world spoke of spring

in the village flower beds
an occasional crocus, buds and blossoms
the daffodil bud dips and sways
full of pale yellow promise

the crystal rainbow maker
stuck with a suction cup and spit
to the tall window which faces south
and overlooks the church spire

where the tower clock, stopped in time
waits, patient as the old, for repair
the sun powered rainbow maker whirs
light hearted rainbows dance along the stairwell

i was fooled, i turned off the heating
others were fooled as well
the large, empty, green field
which lies across the infamous a77...

echos winter's emptiness no more
yesterday he brought them
the new born and their lactating mamas
fresh from the warm birthing byre

and mother nature chuckled ...
the breeze grew chill and clouds rolled
eager over that sunlit landscape
the drifting showers uncomfortable and cold

today, the chill green field lies vacant
the lambs and their lactating mamas
returned to the home farm warmth
the precious newborn too tender to survive

the open fields and gloating winds
which terminate my spring thought glee
the birds still trill their summer chorus
soon ... perhaps ... the sun will shine

All written materials Copyright © 2004-2009 by Eryll Oellermann

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