Wednesday, 11 March 2009

mistress moon

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our village lies on a flat strip of land, surrounded by hills to the north, east and south and the firth of clyde to the west.
a magical enclave.

yesterday evening i watched the moon rise. from behind the hills to the east.

she rose, swift and silent like a glorious golden hot air balloon ... huge, serene and splendid.

who would we be if we had no mistress moon to light our nights?


Rose said...

OMG what a fabulous picture. Looks like you could have almost touched the moon.

Mike S said...

Think I've found my next desktop background. Breathtaking:)

Hahn at Home said...

I love a moon like that. I saw the reddest, biggest moon ever over the lake in Chicago as I drove down Lakeshore Drive on Christmas Eve in 1999. I was in love and it felt like the moon dipped closer just for us.