Wednesday, 25 March 2009

togetherness and other random stuff


how warm is hot? how cool is cold?
different for herself than it is for myself ...
that's for sure.

keeping herself warm is a full time job. problem is ... the weather has been pretty mild since the princess arrived. question is ... how would she cope in real wintry weather?

new yorkers are used to their creature comforts. effective heating systems in winter and efficient cooling systems in summer. back home in the good old rsa ...
we are made of tougher stuff. we somehow manage to sweat through our summers and shiver through our winters with very little assistance from cooling and heating systems. the gentle wop, wop of the ceiling fans stir the still evening air and keep those little blood sucking bastards (alias mosquitoes) more or less at bay. when the winter evenings draw in the mosquitoes leave and we make do with a small electric heater whilst we watch tv, come bed time and we run for our bed covers.

hmmmm ...
i remember ...
we once lived in a house in durban north and the main bedroom had an air conditioner ... uber posh! come february ... a particularly hot and humid time of the year on the east coast ...
i would switch that loud, rackety thing on when the kids came home from school and we would spend an hour in the artificial coolth.
used an awful lot of electricity though, not the cheapest way to cool off! quick dip in the pool worked just as well plus washing off the days sweat.

of course, here in scotland, summers are pleasant. oft times pretty wet, all sunshine gratefully appreciated and the chance to sweat.... well!
winters are rather dark, dreary and wet ...
wet is good, it is the reason our hills glow with green health and our cattle are sleek and happy!
yeah well ... that's the story and we need to stick with it.
we do indeed need and use heating. but ... heating is expensive in our part of the world. i find i can afford to make do with the minimum. being of hardy south african stock this works for me!
but the princess ...
oy vay!
how will she survive a wild and windy winter?

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Hahn at Home said...

She'll survive - get her those battery operated socks and a big bag of rice to throw in the microwave to keep her warm - my question being - why aren't YOU keeping her warm?

: )