Thursday, 30 April 2009

hot water with slice of lemon?

she finally tracked me down! the smoking nurse. or should it be the stop smoking nurse?
some months ago the doc and i reached a decision...
i would give up smoking ... heh!
my body really objected to the statins used to lower my ever increasing cholesterol count. no way i could continue taking the damn things. doc was agitated, my risk was too high, she was not happy. only way left to reduce the risk - stop smoking.
well... yes, maybe, in a couple of months ...
but first ...
i was off to new york, then it was christmas and new year, then i flew out to south africa and then of course i had all those cheap, duty free ciggies i did not want to waste. and then herself was coming for a visit and i was avoiding the stop smoking nurse like the plague.

until yesterday.
the phone rang, i answered it ... as you do.
it was she,

i have a week in which to smoke, while changing my habits. don't smoke in the house, well i don't anyway. don't smoke while driving, heh, quite a good idea except that today i had to drive to maybole for a dentist appointment. so i was nervous, so i smoked in the car! get over it, rome wasn't built in a day!
drink six glasses of water a day, man, that is a lot of water to consume as well as the umpteen cups of coffee i drink.

"about the coffee" ...

"what about the friggin' coffee?? i'm giving up smoking, not life."

"it's the first cup in the morning"

"ah you mean the one i can't live without"

"you need to replace it with a cup of hot water and a slice of lemon."

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