Monday, 13 April 2009

meet munnin

meet munnin

well ... i went and done and did it!
i got me a puppy ... awwww cute ...
aaarghhh crap! is more like it ... heh!

munnin is five months old and was born in bexley heath, which is the kent side of the outskirts of london. yep indeed, quite a way from my ayrshire headquarters.

but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

thanks to my new best friend 'navman', i negotiated the entire trip with unprecedented style and ease. i left home on wednesday and drove as far as bolton (nr. manchester), where my friend rose very kindly offered me a bed for the night. i intended to leave early thursday morning but was somewhat delayed by rose offering to make me one of her most excellent english breakfasts. yummm ... what can i say, no one does better breakfast than the brits!
i finally got going about elevenish.
all was well until i hit the infamous m25. talk about stop start driving, what a queue, it took hours to travel twenty miles. i was afeared my bladder would burst!
later, rather than sooner i arrived at the queen elizabeth toll bridge. wow, by the time you hit your sixtieth birthday, one is inclined to become a tad blase (afraid i have no notion as to how to get the little dingus above the e, but i'm sure you all know exactly what i mean). 'nuff said, that bridge, what a beaut! it was so friggin' high i felt airsick when i looked out of the car window.

thursday evening i went to meet munnin and her family. i was pretty nervous by now, on the trip down i had been giving the whole dog companion business some serious thought.for more than five years i have lived alone, responsible only for myself. i am spoiled ...
i do what i want when i want.
bringing a pup into my home would probably (yeah...right!!) change the dynamics of my life

of course, she was beautiful and obnoxious in that utterly bullie way. she leaped, she pushed, she tried to trip me, she tried to taste me. i was relieved to move inside and talk business.

friday morning, bright and early, i picked up my newest family member. her breeders cried, their children cried, i cried.
munnin and i set off, up the great north road, a ten hour journey ahead of us.


m.m.sugar said...

Congratulations! Wish you well with your lovely playmate!

reeflightning said...

thanks! she is quite a handful as she has big dog teeth and puppy dog chewing desires ;-)

Margo Moon said...

I just don't have words! Those are awesome little beings. Are you familiar with Rufus? Prolly you are, for sure.

She's really a beaut!!!!!!!

And it's so obvious you're a goner over her, it isn't even funny. Well, it IS funny, but you know what I mean.

We neeeeeeed to know how her name came about.


Hahn at Home said...

That is one handsome dog. I am happiest with my dogs - they love you forever unconditionally and don't talk back - well, they didn't until I got Daisy the talking dog. Congratulations.

reeflightning said...

thanks pardner, i have indeed heard of rufus.

reeflightning said...

hey lori. it has been mentioned that i have control issues so...
i made sure i got me a bullie so that folks won't have to wonder who is walking who! lol! ;-)