Thursday, 18 June 2009

fancy foot work

today i revisited my orthopaedic consultant. the mri shows
no problems other than the still broken second metatarsal
on the left foot.

i have a choice ... do nothing.

my foot has been broken for the past year and for the last
four months or so ... well,
i have learned to live with it, the swelling has almost
completely gone and as long as i tread warily, i am
experiencing very little pain.

so, do nothing, or ...

have an op, which would involve taking bone from
the pelvic area and making a bone dowel to join
the two ends together ... a dowel joint! heh!

having endured more than my fair share of hospitalization,
my first reaction was ... say what! do nothing please,
thank you!

but then again...
with my foot as it is, my life style is kind of limited.
i can't run or exercise vigorously. driving the car
makes my foot ache.when i get cramp or stretch my foot
in my sleep ..well...
pain tends to wake one, even from the deepest sleep!

i sat in the doc's office, my mind doing wheel spins. do
nothing or an op and six weeks in plaster. hmmmm!

eventually my sixty year old brain made the grown up decision.
i signed the consent form and the mighty nhs's pre op exercise
swung into action. every part of me was prodded, poked and
checked. it was fast and efficient - i am finally impressed.
i was also a little nervous, this was too fast. when were they
thinking of operating?
when in doubt ask!

me, in slightly strained and panic stricken voice ...
"ummm, about when will this op take place?"

pre-op nurse ...
"well ... the list is quite long, probably not before the
beginning of september ... eight to twelve weeks, unless ...
the consultant has a gap."

i exhale and feel my tensed muscles relax, okay dokay,
i can handle september.the efficiency with which my pre op
was handled had me worried.not a problem though, merely
another case of nhs hurry up and wait!


Anonymous said...

ay...get it done, and frankly, the sooner the better. giving you the mama look..(i've perfected it..patent pending)

reeflightning said...

oooh! the mama look ... no arguing with that look my lady!