Tuesday, 23 June 2009


the heat has gone, the mist has rolled down from the hilltops
and cradles the village in an embrace of almost invisibility.

my (oh so green... not!)ground source heating system is feeling
bitchy. i will call her 'she' as only the female could be as
difficult and cantankerous as 'she'!
'she' has decided that heating the water above 28 degrees
(centigrade)is unnecessary. needless to say, i disagree!
i even went so far as to read the very thick instruction book,
desperation can make me do crazy things ...
i delved deep into the psyche of 'she', i studied her bodily
parts, i touched, i caressed ... 'she' was totally unimpressed
by my attentions!

ja, no, well fine as we would say back in the good old RSA!
that was yesterday, the mist rolled back, the sun came out
and today is definitely beer drinking weather. however, 'she'
is still not playing nicely.

with some extra attention i managed to persuade 'her' to heat
up to 32 degrees. the difference between 28 and 32 degrees...
when it comes to standing in a shower at either of these
temperatures ... there is no friggin' appreciable difference!
the water is too damn cold!!

i was unable to put in a complaint yesterday as i was up in
saltcoats. liam had an appointment in glasgow with his
neurologist and i was seconded to take care of child collection
and after school tending for the other four ;-)

today having taken a very quick shower i was off to inform my
landlady of the dire straights afoot. hmmm ...
she says she will arrange for an appropriate technician to call
but reminded me that the firm that services 'her' is in some far
flung scottish town, hah!
i remarked sweetly, with perhaps just the tiniest hint of sarcasm
in my voice ...

"no rush belinda, i am more than happy to take cold showers in
an attempt to toughen up my body for my cruise of the fjords."
what's the bet i am still showering cold tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

ha! oh dear Wolf..you could always boil water and carefully wash.

good luck on the fjords. ;)

laughing, laughing, laughing

Camlin said...

It's so hot here right now I could do with a cool shower.

I call my unknown woman, the person who will enter my life "she." Now I will have to banish the vision of your water heater.

Margo said...

oh, I love and hate cold showers.
We lost hot water and had our heater replaced with solar. One good thing about FL is that we have plenty of sun to heat the water.
32 degrees! yikes!
I'm with Guinevere, boil the water and have a nice bath.