Saturday, 12 September 2009

lacking inspiration or ... just plain lazy

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" Mary Oliver

woke up this morning determined to take an early morning walk as we
have sunshine. the dark will be upon us soon enough and as we know
the dark is mostly accompanied by the wet. i come from good
south african stock, we don't do wet very well!

having dragged my arse out of bed i decided that i may as well have
a cup of coffee before my walk. the house filled with the good
morning aroma of my favourite tipple, i decided to check my email
whilst i waited.
naughty, naughty!
emails, facebook, blogs ...
what can i say. times passes.
so then i decided ... best shower and have my brekkie before my

ten o'clock, saturday morning, i'm washed, well fed and on my
second cuppa.
why am i writing when i should be walking?

i guess i am not ...


Using or marked by the use of few words; terse or concise.
See synonyms at silent.

[Latin Lacōnicus, Spartan, from Greek Lakōnikos, from Lakōn,
a Spartan (from the reputation of the Spartans for brevity of
laconically la·con'i·cal·ly adv.

WORD HISTORY The study of the classics allows one to
understand the history of the term laconic, which comes to us
via Latin from Greek Lakōnikos. The English word is first
recorded in 1583 with the sense “of or relating to Laconia or
its inhabitants.” Lakōnikos is derived from Lakōn, “a Laconian,
a person from Lacedaemon,” the name for the region of Greece
of which Sparta was the capital. The Spartans, noted for being
warlike and disciplined, were also known for the brevity of
their speech, and it is this quality that English writers still
denote by the use of the adjective laconic, which is first
found in this sense in 1589.

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Murray said...

Well, you are doing better than me. I also had big plans this Saturday to get up and go for a long run this morning. Instead, so far, all I am doing is drinking coffee and reading blogs. I could make my word of the day procrastinate, but I have decided instead that I will think of this as time well spent "exercising" my options. ;-)