Saturday, 26 September 2009

never a dull moment


thursday evening ...
i heard it on the grapevine or in more modern day speak ...
"you left a light on!" ...
old news, i am a south african, i always leave a light on."

"you have a leak, the water is dripping
through the ceiling downstairs."
ok, that one got my attention.
phoned my landlady...
in her usual efficient manner she had the situation under
control, burst pipe in bathroom, no damage to my place,
slight damage to ceiling downstairs. water mains turned off,
plumber on order.

i was due to return home on saturday but due to an overactive
imagination, i decided to push that forward by a day. it is
kind of difficult to relax whilst imagining unknown plumbers
trundling through my home.

i arrived home to find my front door open, signs of work ...
strange pieces of pipe lying around in the bathroom.
a distinct lack of water in the cistern, but, no plumber.

everybody relax! this is ayrshire not africa! open front doors
are okay, strange plumbers alone in your home are okay.
i phoned my efficient landlady to report in. no problems,
repair work in progress, plumber just off to stranraer for spare

friday evening, plumbing problem resolved, the weekend ahead,
a glass of ice with other additions ...


Camlin said...

I still wouldn't want to arrive and find my front door wide open...Enjoy your beverage, whatever it is!

eileen pennington said...

*clinking glasses with you* i agree with coming home to an already opened door..has never been a good sign here! oy