Friday, 29 January 2010


i really enjoy word verification! today i was gifted 'sulful'...
full of sullenness? like the opposite of soulful?

yesterday was fun, the district nurse popped in to change
my dressing. man! this country is so damn civilized ...
when you leave the hospital they give you a letter for the
district nurse and explain when she will visit and what she
will do. and then ... she actually arrives, oy, home was never
like this!
so i managed to take a peek at 'the' wound. well ... i was
pretty darn impressed, the cut is at least two inches long
and my foot is all the colours of the rainbow. unfortunately
i neglected to ask how many stitches there were.

the nurse had only just left when the doorbell rang.
a parcel delivery, a huge box, looked like it might contain a
fridge. i stepped back and muttered ...
"nope, don't think that can be for me."
mr delivery pointed out my name and insisted i sign.
he then turned on his heel and belted off down the stairs.
leaving me wondering how the dickens i was going to carry
the huge box into my tiny flat.
turns out it was light as a feather and when i opened it up,
a bouquet of balloons came bursting out! seems peter, my
youngest (still resident in south africa) felt his mommy was
deserving of a really big bunch of balloons!must admit -
they made my day.

so here we are, friday already. next friday i have my stitches
removed, a couple more weeks and i will be driving, dancing,
going to gym. well ... maybe the going to gym bit is a
teeny exaggeration!

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Camlin said...

Hooray for balloons! Glad to hear that you're recovering well.