Tuesday, 5 January 2010

the white stuff

woke up to a very white world this morning, (very early morning ...
i might add!)white and quiet.
now i am very fond of the white stuff, far as i am concerned we
don't have enough of it in my part of ayrshire. of
course, travel a few miles inland and we might well find
ourselves stranded waist deep in snow!
however ...
this year our weather is said to be blowing in from siberia!
don't ya just love it when that happens?
retirement is great, no need to go out and fight the ice,
no need to pretend that my driving skills are up to snow
except for today...
i lost my beloved lady rav, well actually ... less lost and
more destroyed would be closer to the truth.
and that is another story ...
so i have been driving (or not) a hire car for the past week.
today is the day i am due to return her to the rental guys in
kilmarnock. oy!
everything is covered with the white stuff!
for pete's sake ... i was born in africa, we do dust not
frozen water.


aneke said...

Beautiful pic! I wish I was there!
We're dying of heat as usual in SA

Camlin said...

Why does someone else's snow look prettier than my own?? I love the way it clings to the trees....

eileen pennington said...

snow always looks prettier when not stuck in it! lol

reeflightning said...

howzit aneke, january heat, february heat! it is good to remember, sweat dripping, mozzies biting, yellow cling peaches ...

hi cam, how you doing? it is pretty before we stomp all over it!

greetings my lady! the wolf has been a tad tardy in wolfish duties of late ... i hope the new year finds you and yours in good spirit.

Laura Lee said...

that is a beautiful, evoking photo!

Jacqui said...

Well,it was an amzing evening with you and your dear lady on Saturday. I (we) look forward to meeting up again and you know every word of praise to you from "Princess Sugar"was an absolute truth. Eryll, your words, your writing, YOU, move me. Thank You. See you soon. Silverlass/piratediddyjacs.