Wednesday, 10 February 2010


what is it with this 'next-blog' story? does anyone know?

all of a sudden a week or so back my stats on the mind
nomadic started to rise.
i did not take much notice, just thought ... "thats nice".
until the day i had 200, yep 200 visitors to my little
blog in one day. at which stage i thought ... "that's weird!"

so, i started checking out the stats on my other blogs,
no new action, only my few faithful followers. which
made me think ... "that is effin' strange!"

i returned to the stats page for the mind nomadic
and noticed that although an absolute orgy of people
from all over the world were passing through ...
only a few were actually stopping long enough to read.

had my blog entered a twilight zone of blog grazers, one
bite and they are out of there?
i checked a little more carefully and found that these alien
grazers all came referred via "next-blog".
hmmmm ... i googled 'next blog'. it would appear to refer
only to the next blog button at the top of the blog page.
i was riveted, i had never pushed that damn button! so, i did.
indeed one seems to move from one unrelated and unknown blog
to another.
which might explain how my blog is suddenly so well visited.
question - why did my figures leap within such a small space of
time and why are these 'next-blog' folk not arriving on my
other two blogs?

is there anybody out there with an explanation?


Gage said...

no explanation... but I just got here by hitting next blog.

reeflightning said...

welcome gage and thank you!

Anonymous said...

hi - just passing through.


kate boyan said...

I did find you by the next blog button but took some time to read. I like your musing.
is where I'm at. Kate

Caitlin said...

I've just had the exact same thing happen. I've gone from about 4 loyal readers (good thing I'm not trying to monetize!) to over 300 quick hits, all from /?expref=next-blog. I always welcome new readers, but I'd love to know why it happened so suddenly!

ThePixelWarlord said...

Aww, this stuff never happens for me :( :P

And yeah, I've arrived here from the mysterious world of "Next blog" as well. It's basically the only way to find new blogs while blogger has zero search features -_-