Friday, 26 February 2010

a song of freedom


"sing me a song of freedom" she cried, her voice rang out
across the valley.

the wolf lifted his head just a little.

she climbed a little higher and stood, arms raised in
supplication to the sun goddess.
the wind danced with her long sun kissed hair as
this particular day travelled the well worn path.

in the forest below, a shadow changed. dappled sunlight
waltzed with the damp brown earth. decomposition, the sweet

thump, thump, wolf paw thudding earthwards, claws in search
of an irritation, an escaping itch.

"write me a song" she pleaded "let me hear the lyrics
of your love, in the music i must feel the rhythm of
your heartbeat."

the high hills listened and were silent.


alda said...

But only the high hills are silent.

Bárbara said...

like the blog

Anonymous said...

like the blog

Neil Mc Core said...

Beautiful poem, reading I felt the smell of freedom ... Congratulations .. nice blog

Bella poesia, leggendo ho sentito l'odore di libertĂ  ... complimenti..bel blog