Tuesday, 11 September 2007

the small wee hours

what is it with me and 3.30am? my penchant for awaking at this somewhat unsocial hour ... baffles me. not that my nocturnal habit causes me any real inconvenience. i am fortunate in that i do not work away from home and this helpful circumstance allows me the freedom to wake and roam ... whenever! the precision of the timing is what interests me. why 3.30? makes no difference what time i fall asleep ... early, late... 3.30 is still the witching hour.

can't help but wonder ... is there more to this than meets the eye.

so there i was, this very early morning ... drinking coffee and having a smoke on my kitchen steps. yeah... i smoke outside. keeps the house smelling sweet and believe me .... in winter it cuts down the number of cigarettes i use. unusually, our scottish sky was crystal clear, not a cloud to be seen and the heavens lay bright and beautiful for my observation.we lead such very busy lives, how often do we have the time to gaze up and out and wonder at the glory of our night sky. perhaps my 3.30 awakenings are a gift from the universe. a quiet time, while my neighbours inhabit the realm of sleep and dreams.

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