Sunday, 9 September 2007

the value of time

the value of time

my muse and i were chatting on one of our numerous international calls. we were discussing our plans for the day...her day, only starting in new york and my day, half done in saltcoats.

this afternoon at around three we have ... more world cup rugby! today south africa plays samoa and as a dedicated fan of the springboks, this girl is unavailable... let no man or woman come between me and the manne in green and gold as they battle the samoan warriors!

my muse and i agreed that i would give her a call once the game was over. herself was well pleased that i had become so well attuned to "the american way" and the fact that i was able to conquer my inborn south africaness and put my own wants and needs above the importance of good manners. (yeah, well..what can i say...americans are crazy!) "i am so pleased" she said "that you are recognizing the value of your time".

ding! now that started me thinking...
the starlings are gathering, the instinct to flock drawing them together in ever increasing numbers. the familiar sound, the beat of their collective wings against the air ... a portent of the arrival of autumn. it is time ... time for them to leave our ayrshire hills, time to fly south before the misery of our scottish winter arrives.

time ... we are all born with a possibly predestined amount in our own personal time piggy bank. how we use it, is up to us. we have our allowance, once we realize we are not immortal, we learn to value that which is ours.
there are two things which i value most in life, love and time. time is the coin we use to purchase those things we need or desire. we spend time growing into adulthood, we allow time for our education, we expend our time on working, in order to clothe, feed and care for our bodies. time allows us to grow and mature, time allows us to learn to love.

if you have ever looked death in the eye and survived... then you will know, you will have learned the lesson, you will have understood. time is our most valuable asset, we are unable to buy more, no way can we trade for it. time is as it is.. a limited special offer.
learn to use it wisely and well, remember the obvious truth... we can always work harder, make more money ...until our time runs out. spend your treasure wisely, spend it with those you love and appreciate. when my time runs out will i be holding the hand of someone i love, will they reach out and caress my face as i prepare to leave on the journey into the unkown... or will i lie there alone, congratulating myself on a healthy bank balance and a well balanced portfolio.

value your time and spend it wisely with those you love. anyone can be busy, the art of life lies in our ability to many minutes, hours, days between now and then. how long is our timeline, we never know until we draw our last breath.

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