Friday, 15 May 2009

foot fact

once upon a time, a long, long time ago, i broke the metatarsal bone, left foot, second toe.
of course, at the time i was not sent for an xray, so the medical world and i were, might i say, ignorant of the fact that a bone was broken. i was assured it might just as easily be arthritis and even if it was a fracture of a small bone of the foot... well, there was nothing to be done.


Hell's teeth! I only had my appointment with the orthopaedic consultant last friday and today an appointment letter arrives.
I have an appointment for an mri on the 29th …
the nhs showing signs of, dare I say, efficiency.
Mayhap the bastards are just overcome with remorse because they left me to hobble around on a broken foot for … ten friggin' months!

Yep, that darn bone is still broken. I was sure it had healed, the pain was definitely in retreat. I nearly cancelled the appointment, luckily I decided to turn up , if only for an opportunity to whinge about the nhs's cavalier attitude towards my crumbling bone structure.


The bone guy is a little concerned... he does not understand how that particular bone came to break. Well, no use asking me! I woke up one morning, swung out of bed, my foot touched the ground and aarrgghhh whooo! Who knows what the devil I get up to at night? I always believed I slept but …
who breaks their foot whilst asleep in bed?

Anyway, concern always leads to needles and drilling for blood. They took enough of my own to make a healthy take away for dracula. Then the bone guy consulted with the xray guy and the two of them decided that they needed an mri of my left foot. They sent me on my way with promises of appointments. I was not fooled, I am an old hand at this medical game. I reckoned I would be safely ensconced in a home for the elderly by the time my turn for an mri came around.

Imagine my surprise!

my question is … what happened to the pain? If you have pain for long enough does the brain switch off the pain notification system? Hmmmm ...


Nulaanne said...

The pain does not get switched off. You get use to it, and then it becomses like a background noise. There but just under the surface. Once it is gone for good then it is notices how long the pain really was there.

Anonymous said...

ouch..amazing what your body gets used to...
and amazing it will be when you're healthy again! lol

reeflightning said...

hi nulaane
well, i am grateful even if my pain only appears to have disappeared! lol

my lady
yes indeed, the body is a miracle.we have a summer festival in july and i am hoping to join the barn dance, so ... here is fingers crossed

Anonymous said...

festivals are fun and would you be doing a jig at the barn dance? :)

i'm looking forward to attending either the Renaissance Faire here, myself...that or the Pirate Festival. lol trying to convince my little Lass that it would be fun good times. :)