Saturday, 2 May 2009

tea for two

spring, summer ...
the fund raising committees spring into action.
one of my favourite events is "a tea/coffee morning in the village hall". what a great way to have a pound or two siphoned out of my pocket!

ten o'clock this morning (a clear and sunny morning i might add), my pal jean drove through from girvan and we took a stroll up to the hall to partake of the delicious goodies on offer.
really good coffee, scones, cream cakes and crumpets galore ... yum!

there were also a few stalls, selling cakes, plants and tombola tickets. i bought a chocolate cake and a couple of tombola tickets and ...
i won! a bottle of sherry AND a family ticket to vikingar ...

"Visit Vikingar! located in the beautiful coastal resort of Largs in Ayrshire, and be enthralled by the saga of the Vikings in Scotland. In the capable hands of our costumed story tellers, experience the Viking adventure first hand as you are guided through 500 years of history, shown a Viking Longhouse and taken to meet the Viking Gods and Valkyries in Valhalla, as Viking history is brought to life in the 'Viking Experience'. Then take your seat for an amazing 5-screen film presentation following one Viking family through generations of turmoil, battle and adventure until the Battle of Largs in 1263. Finally, enter the Viking Hall of Knowledge where multi-media technology and other learning aids continue the 'Saga of the Vikings in Scotland'. If you're looking for excitement, realism, atmosphere, action and a great day out - the Viking Experience has it covered! "

sounds good, i'm sure my grandchildren will be delighted :-)

todays fund raiser was in aid of the starfish appeal.

"The Starfish Appeal aims to raise money to refurbish the Mountbatten Ward, the Paediatric Liver Unit in Kings College Hospital. "

about a year ago, a local youngster with liver failure was flown up to the hospital, had a liver transplant and in due course, returned in good health to his family and friends.
the family and the village now put on a yearly event to raise funds for the appeal.
wonderful community spirit!

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Mike S said...

Not sure about the grandkids, but this Old Injun would be thrilled!!