Friday, 29 May 2009

i'm hexed ...


for my magnificent muse ...

i will be lost without you!

i'm hexed ...

in all the world
i'll never find
a woman
who is so unkind

now i must sit
alone you see
and wait
not always patiently

to know what hex
is on my head
will i get ill
or even dead!

perhaps the swine flu
will attack
or huge carbunkles
on my back

my rav might get
an engine knock
or drop a piston
through the block

or it might rain
and never stop
or, no more creme eggs
at the shop!

there's naught to do
but wait and see
what dreadful fate
you've hexed on me

Copyright © 2009 by Eryll Oellermann


m.m.sugar said...

carbuncles! my goddess-what a great idea-extra virulent of course!

reeflightning said...

mmmmm ... green and crusty with thick,yellow, slow oozing pus. it will be my first ever carbuncle, make it an excellent example of the perfect pustule!
or not...
of course...
as the witch so pleases ...