Saturday, 29 December 2007

the stuff of nightmares

last night, i dreamed a dream.

a band, a very famous band, (sorry, their name was lost in my waking up process) were to have a reunion concert. a once off, last ever reunion concert.
manfred was to play with them. at the last minute their lead guitarist fell ill and they desperately needed a replacement. my mann suggested me, they listened to me play (must admit, i was brilliant ;-)) and decided i would do. i felt honoured but kind of nervous and admitted i would love to play but unfortunately...i had no guitar.
the very famous lead singer...whose name i can't remember...maybe freddie i was totally in awe!...
brought out his very expensive, very wonderful orange guitar and said...
"not to worry, you can use mine."

the day of the concert arrives and i am pissing around, wasting one does in dreams...trying to decide what to wear etc etc. eventually we arrive at the stadium ten minutes before the band is due to start their performance.
and guess what... i have left the effin' famous, precious, very valuable guitar behind at home!
so...i have to tell this very famous leader of this very famous band... not too worried, they will doubtless have a spare guitar somewhere.
but no, they don't! i must set off in search of a worthy instrument to play.

i meet a guy who is totally impressed that i am to play this concert.he tells me his mother owns a guitar shop in a nearbye mall...he calls her and repeats the whole sorry saga. not a problem she will open the shop for me.
we arrive at the shop and she has the guitar ready for me...obviously the 'piece de resistance' of her stock.
omg! what an ugly instrument, it had these long, thin, brass extensions, which grew out of the body of the guitar. but... beggars can't be i said
"ok that will be fine...i'll be sure to mention your kindness and the name of your business to the crowd."

business owner says...
"that will be 25000 pounds."

i say...
"huh! thought you were going to lend it to me"

unfortunately i do not have 25000 pounds, not even to save the last ever concert of this ever so famous band!

i leave the shop and start to make my way back to the stadium, it is already ten minutes past our starting time. i hear music and the crowd screaming. the band are playing, they have found a replacement guitarist, with a guitar. the last ever concert continues without me...
i have lost my chance at immortality!

i awake...heart racing, dripping from a night sweat.
analyze that!

by the by...whilst i excel at 'air guitar"...
my guitar playing abilities, well...
i can play the first few notes of 'peter gunn'...
i mean...who can't...


Hahn at Home said...

It's the first few bars of Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple that I can play.

Maybe it means you are missing something in your life because you were not available due to something else, something not so fruitful occupying your mind?

Margo Moon said...

Analyze this? Sure.

The band is obviously the Monkees. They didn't do half their own music anyway, so there you go - faking the music, no guitar, hiring someone who (no offense) can only play the first few notes of Peter Gun.

The "day of the concert arrives and i am pissing around, wasting one does in dreams..." is quite telling. Not everyone behaves this way in their dreams. I, for example, usually multi-task and accomplish quite a lot during dream downtime. So, perhaps an examination of your organizational skills as well as whether you qualify as a "self-starter" might be in order. Again, no offense.

Now the mother of the guy you meet is an example of a "retail figure." In dreams, we often work out our unresolved retailing issues through secondary characters. I wouldn't worry too much about this part. You're simply growing as a consumer.

Freddie Mercury. Hmmm. Are you eating a lot of fish these days?

In dreams, brightly colored guitars are actually just glorified Hitachi Magic Wands. So there you go.

Anyway, all analyzed! Yay!
That'll be 25000 pounds. Okay?

Hahn at Home said...

I'm thinkin' Day Dream Believer, right?

Mercury - must be your dental fillings.

Colored guitars - well, isn't everything about the HMW?

Margo Moon said...

So, Lori, you're expecting a cut? Okay. Dang! I'm easy. You get 200 pounds.

sandwriter said...

now the posse are movin' in on mah deep psychological issues. cowgirls have me nailed.

on self examination... i must admit...
as a professional idler i am practically perfect!

the ayrshire dentists are in awe of the age of my fillings ...all that mining history...what can i say, south african dentists rock. my mouth is probably awash with mercury...

dang i'm so slow...of course the guitar was a symbol for the trusty HMW!

cheap at the price ladies, cheap at the price ;-)

Puddock said...

Must be the season for weird dreams involving the rich and famous. I had a very pleasant dream involving Gordon Ramsay, the chef, a couple of nights ago. I don't even like him in real life but he was very nice to me in my dream!

As for your dream...definitely a message to do something sensational with 2008!