Sunday, 16 December 2007

tick tock

tick tock
tick tock
i need a new battery
for my heart clock

"today is the first day of the rest of my life"

'kay...looking for attitude ...

wake my arse off endulging my nicotine addiction.

big lightbulb moment! no need to crawl back under the covers...there are other ways of keeping warm.

been so long since i stretched a muscle with intent, so long since i played dance music...really loud. time to stop avoiding and start doing.

forget lazy, loaf about, lie in...remember endorphins...mama nature's little happy makers!

stiff, is for tomorrow... no free lunches.
man, i feel so good... love my body, love myself.

good morning world...


Margo Moon said...

Gotta love those mama nature happy makers!
I go to the trouble of running three miles almost every day, just to dose up on endorphins. HIGHLY recommended for anythin' that ails ya.

sandwriter said...

three miles...yikes! i am totally impressed podna'...

Hahn at Home said...

Hi Chuffed One!

Well deserved award, to be sure!

Hang in there, kid!