Tuesday, 8 January 2008

a place of my own and infrarealism

"I'm part of creation - what I do is the consequence of existence."
Stanislaw Kors (1935 - 2002)

aha! today...the day, has finally arrived. today i collect the keys to my own personal kingdom ...oh yes!

Saturday will be the actual moving day. at present adam is down south making money (in my view, a tedious but necessary evil) and he will only be home thursday or friday.

my dear friend SM has a strong and handsome husband and he has volunteered to assist with the move... thank you A! a man and his muscles are a joy forever...

the joy of space, of high ceilings and big windows. my brother back home...is in for a surprise...

i am the very proud owner of a stanislaw kors
painting. the painting is unique and to my eyes(have to admit, most of my friends find it awful), most beautiful. stan was a customer of mine when i owned a video store in randburg, gauteng. of course stan believed we were wealthy (unfortunately we weren't!) and spent a fair amount of time attempting to sell us some of his art. eventually our resistance wore down and we went to his home for a viewing.
we fell in love with his work, his style, which stan dubbed infrarealism.
i had to own one, the mann agreed. stan painted, mostly, really large canvas's. not a problem back home...our home was big and rambling, ceilings were high, plenty of wall space for really big works of art.

however...when the time came for me to move to the uk, i realised that my beautiful kors would be unlikely to hang well in the type of english home i was likely able to afford.
my brother volunteered to painting sit for me, his home is spacious and he too loves stan's infrarealism. by now he probably thinks of my kors as his kors!
hah...little brother...times they are a'changin'... big sis now has big wall space...oh yeah...big time, big wall space.
the very next time i head home to SA (and i am way overdue a family and friends reunion tour) i intend to organize for my beautiful kors to be shipped to scotland.

perhaps the nomad really has come home....


Hahn at Home said...

That's the ticket. Having a place to put up the art that brings you joy. It's my favorite part of moving.

So glad you have come home at last.

Margo Moon said...

What a difference a month can make, eh? So glad!

drowning pisces said...

What's a heart without a-r-t?

Anonymous said...

who is adam?