Friday, 11 January 2008

tomorrow is M day

quick note to let you all know ... i am moving tomorrow. my new phone line will be connected on monday and only then will i be able to apply for broadband.

when the system is working speedily and efficiently...hahaha...
it can still take up to two weeks to arrange a broadband connection...sigh.

so if i am missing...

not blogging...

not commenting...

not riding fence...

not cutting off the head of some damn barbary pirate...

not botherin' MAL with deep questions about "secret techniques to enhance the HMW experience"

not trying to save the fish from drownin'

not frettin' about 'blemish'

en so aan en sovoorts or

etc etc etc

i am just disconnected!

i still love ya!

and i will be writing and saving for posting...

unless of course, the village turns out to be a whole lot more interesting than we might have imagined!


Hahn at Home said...

Quite a lot of things you do when you aren't moving.

MAL will be here, waiting for your question. Hopefully, I will not have burned the motor out of the HMW.

Good luck! We'll miss you!

Margo Moon said...

Well, wandering one, better get that connection back up soon, because you've been tagged for the No Autographs Please - Band Meme.

Had to tag you. You play such a mean Dream Guitar.

your adoring witch said...

though i will miss your printed brilliance
i am grateful
that i will have the honour
and be able to hear
your not-so-docile tones of voice when you summon me
thru textorial? beeps
oh great pooh ba

Drowning Pisces said...

Good Luck! This fish will miss you while you're gone.

Margo Moon said...

Okay, we're not worried. It has just been several days. You said it could be a coupla weeks.

But we miss you, Dangit!

the witch said...

she is alive and well and truely enjoying her new home
she will not have internet for perhaps two more weeks
she sends her love

Margo Moon said...

Thanks, (do I call you witch? sounds so wrong)!

TWO WEEKS? That's hardly fair.

So glad to hear she's fine and happy.

We DO miss her, though.

the witch said...

i think witch would be HER operative word
yet i am dearly loved

i am headed to scotland on the 3oth

you would miss her even more if you had the pleasure of her presence

the witch said...

latest news-phone with hope-
feb. 6th.
internet at least two weeks after.
we are talking about the REAL COUNTRY folks.
cell phone exchange is very very expensive.
i haven't heard her curse like this in years.
be well all!

Margo Moon said...

Tell her hi!

Hahn at Home said...

Eryll - I've been watching this with greatest anxiety. We need you back here soon. Two more weeks? Two more whole weeks? Well, I guess it's like one week now. Send pictures of the new place when you get back, k?

Hahn at Home said...
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