Thursday, 25 September 2008

all good

i opened my eyes and saw a new day.

"time" i said to myself
"time to shape up, time to take control, time to get with the plan."

2008 has not been a great year (exercise wise) for me.

i started the new year with "the knees", then i moved on to "the elbow" and finally there was "the foot".
and of course let us not forget "the drug" repurcussions and "the drug" withdrawal symptoms...

damn, it's a miracle i am not recovering in an asylum!

today, i begin again!
i changed into my somewhat raggedy exercise clothes and began. stretching and limbering up ...
i run on a sports trampoline, it spares my aging joints from too much impact damage.

when i am fit i am able to run pretty much as long as i please.

fit i ain't! so i started with a gentle run ... all good.

"the foot" endured the exercise and i jumped off the trampoline with no more problems than when i jumped on.

my body loved being encouraged to work. my ear and mind were delighted ... i always supply them with a blast of rhythmic noise when i run. my brain was grateful for the gift of endorphins my body produced.

and me ... hot, sweaty and happy.
and hopefully ... a little way down the line, a little leaner!


AA Neith said...

Oh, my, a spot of exercise always does good, Sandwriter! I love to stride out into the morning glare beside whatever dig or tomb I'm investigating and filling my lungs with the smells and the promise of a new day of adventure, what!

reeflightning said...

ah ... aa neith! nothing like a little of what's good for you first thing of a morn'.

Margo Moon said...

Hmmmm. Didn't we hear ignition on this same engine a few months back? Here's hoping you don't get over it so easily this time, pardner!

reeflightning said...

aye indeed pardner you are 100% correct! here's hoping my joints play fair this time around ;-)