Wednesday, 17 September 2008

last of the summer ...

yesterday... my boy, the artist, flew home to south africa and the beginning of their summer.the house feels empty with his energy gone!

our summer, here in ayrshire, is but a short and pleasant memory. no sooner come than gone.

which leads me to ponder on the sweet strangeness, the insanity of this time we spend on planet earth. an interlude we call life.

we are born, we grow and mature according to our circumstances. some find themselves born into circumstances so awful, they would be hard to imagine. others are born into loving and supportive families.

some of us are able to skip through childhood and adolescence whilst others endure the pain of disconnection, derision and disrespect.

some grow strong in difficult circumstances, some grow sad or angry.

the easy path also has pitfalls, a cared for and carefree childhood does not guarantee strength and a stirling character.

we grow and we change, we age and we change, we mature and we change. everything about us changes, or is, at the very, least capable of change.
that which was sweet on the tongue yesterday, may seem bland tomorrow. today's excitement, tomorrow's boredom. we have very little control over our emotions, they rise and ebb like the tides. we tend to believe that we control our minds, our thoughts ... i think not. hormonal surges influence how we think and view the world around us. an injury to the head. a blow, too hard and in the wrong place ..
we are no longer, who we were before!
even our memories change over time until the truth belongs to no one.the actual truth fades and sometimes even disappears.

who are we then?

are we the human butterfly, adept at... shedding the old and accepting the new. so changeable that we hardly notice ourselves changing.

later ...
darn ... all that contemplating gave me a muzzy brain, so i took a walk through the village and along the shore. not a breath of wind, the tide so far out that our wee harbour is nothing more than a water logged sand pit! i walked to the end of the sea wall and stood watching the sea green water washing away at the sandstone wall. the water is clean and clear, the pebble covered sea bed easily visible. brown seaweed, anchored to the rocks dances to the rhythm of the waves.

i realized something, who we are might well be irrelevant.

we simply are!

we are born, we breath, we live and love. the form of our love may change as we move along our time line but the original energy remains.

love is ...
sometimes a butterfly, sometimes a caterpillar,at times no more than a pupa or a minuscule egg. a living growing energy, ever changing and miraculous.

i believe love is our gift to the universe and the challenge we are required to meet.
love is a coin of no use when saved within us, love deserves to be spent, poured out into the world where it will grow and spread.

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