Tuesday, 9 September 2008


so here i am, sitting at my computer...
beyond the window, the drizzle drifts across the village, carried lazy on the wind.

from downstairs i hear the rumble of conversation, today is tuesday, tuesday is club day. a good portion of the village is seated downstairs enjoying coffee, cake and company. well, actually they are most likely drinking tea! "coffee, cake and company", was some how, all together too hard to resist!
the poet within me seems to be reviving. the appeal, the excitement of words which grow in my mind and fit together with others. the hunt, the quest ... the desire to write is returning.

i just received a text from my youngest, the artist...
"I have arrived in your soggy miserable country ...Mwah!"

nice to know he's safe!

the boy has made a big effort to be with me for my big "60". he will be in london for a couple of days and then will fly into glasgow on friday afternoon. happy days! i will have all my darlings in one country....

bumped into an old friend the other day... for the first time!
occasionally when i meet someone... i feel a rush of knowing, the comfort of the once familiar. and so it was when i met xan. xan bubbles... like a highland mountain spring. life for her is an adventure awaiting, a journey, a quest to be tackled full on and with every ounce of her not insubstantial energy.

interesting ...
life and the way we find friends, end up in places we could never even have imagined, find ourselves achieving the unexpected in many curious ways.

the path through life can be barren, bitter and boring at times.
and then...
sunshine and roses!
there is no way to know what lies beyond the next corner, over the next rise.
she travels best who travels the path in company with beloved family and cherished friends.

carpe diem!

"Pursue some path, however narrow and crooked, in which you can walk with love and reverence."
Henry David Thoreau


Rod said...

On my dear sister about to turn sixty... for sixty years you have trodden down the grass three years ahead of me, protected me when required (from your boyfriends mostly) given me advise, loans and a lot more besides - love you- Rod

reeflightning said...

hey joey! the best little brother in all the world!
and you read my blog ... thank you boet. love you rod (big time!)

Mike S said...

Hah! No matter how hard you try, I'll still be older than you. Happy 60th:)

reeflightning said...

thank you Mike!