Monday, 20 October 2008

not just another foot fetish

aahhh ... feet ...

my recently found, local reflexologist is a marvel!

not a gentle therapist, oh no ... but ...
when isobel works your reflex points ...

every therapist is different, they follow their own healing path. after my first hour and a half in her zero gravity chair, i realized, ms iz does not fool around. she follows the pain path and exterminates it!

so ...
no gentle hour of sweet massage and relaxation for me. she is gonna work my feet and i am gonna know it.
ms iz even has a small crystal wand (hey you all ... move your minds up a level, think holistic healing!) which she uses to pursue recalcitrant reflexes.

today was my second treatment, i have already felt the benefit of the first. i enjoyed today as i knew what to expect, my body understands her touch on my feet.
memories stir, emotions untwist.
relax, learn to trust and allow the past to unravel... let the healing begin.

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