Wednesday, 22 October 2008

one week and one day

one week and one day.
i arrive at newark, not jfk this time around. means ... longer drive for herself to fetch me,but ... i fly straight from glasgow to newark. no hanging around at heathrow or schipohl for hours on end. direct flights ... damn, what an invention.

i am also flying on a thursday, not my usual saturday out flight. which means ... complications! my village is two and a half hours drive from glasgow airport, my flight leaves at eight, which means i had better be at the airport, present and accounted for by six in the morning. so ... would it really be possible to talk anyone into driving me to the airport if we had to leave at three thirty on a winter's morn. nope! a plan was required, i needed to leave on the thursday flight in order to be with herself on our 4th anniversary! but ... for the kid's ( my much appreciated lift to airport givers) thursday is a working/school day. difficult, so ... michelle will take me to saltcoats on the wednesday, i will sleep over with nikki, ian and co, once more ousting my sweet savannah from her bed. thursday morning, really early, before the clarion call for school and work rings out ... somebody will deliver me to the airport. not quite sure yet as to who the chosen one will be, but somebody will rise at an ungodly hour and deliver myself to where i need to be. fortunately saltcoats is only a half hours drive from the airport, but still ... i am going to owe someone ... big time!


Margo Moon said...

You're flying straight? What?!?!?!?

Oh, from Glasgow.


Have a wonderful time, and Happy 4th Anniversary, You Two!

reeflightning said...

heh heh!
thank you pardner!