Tuesday, 7 October 2008

razor reflections

today i shaved my legs ...

now, the truth is ... i seldom shave my legs.

i shave my legs for special occasions.

for instance, if i think i might have broken/sprained/torn a ligament in my leg/foot/ankle. no way is any medic about to handle my legs in their natural state of porcupinal prickliness. a woman has her pride!

there are other odd occasions ... i have been known to shave my legs before a romantic assignation.
i have indeed ...
nothing inspires me to partake in a little razor work more than the hope of 'getting lucky'.

so why today?

last thursday, there was a knock on my door. well ... actually, somebody rang the damn bell, which let me tell you is loud enough to wake the dead!
i glided down the staircase, taking care not to trip and break something. i opened the door and there was ...
a stranger, to be more precise a strange woman. the shock must have registered on my face, the woman hastily stuck out her hand and introduced herself ...

"hello, i'm isobel"

afraid my face must have retained it's pallor of non recognition.

"i'm a reflexologist, i live on the other side of the village."

ahah! vague stirrings of memory ... i had heard rumours that another reflexologist had moved into the village. i had immediately dismissed the ridiculous possibility of two reflexologists in one village of six hundred people as preposterous.
wrong again ... there she was, in the flesh, in my doorway.

my heart leaped, hope swirled through my being ...
the words rang loud and clear in my mind ...
a possibility, a chance, a hope for...
reciprocal reflexology!

when i lived down south, i had my college mates, those who qualified along side me. eager to offer reciprocal reflexology.
i had my reflexology college in oxford, where there was often the chance of volunteering as a guinea pig for the students.
in other words, my feet and their needs were pretty well taken care of.

and then i moved to scotland!
'nuff said ...
my feet and i have suffered almost two and a half years of reflexological neglect.

today, at eleven, i have an appointment. an appointment to relax for an hour, in the heaven which is reflexology!

come to think of it ...
two reflexologists is a perfect number for a village of six hundred people.


Margo Moon said...

Most excellent. Maybe you should extend this to a series. Sixty-Nine Joys of Reciprocal Reflexology, you could call it. Or something like that.

You go, Pardner.

reeflightning said...

oh yeah ... and there i was thinkin'
"dang! where do i go from here!"
pardner you be an inspiration!

Teresita said...

One of the joys of being Asian and having an Asian girlfriend is that we have very, very fine vellus hair on our legs which you can only see if the sun hits them just right. As a result, we never shave our legs, and we never have to.