Monday, 10 November 2008

happy birthday manfred!


Happy birthday baby!

Damn … you would have turned sixty seven today! That’s mighty nigh on seventy sweetheart.

Been thinking … (yeah, yeah … that’s the smell of wood burning! Lol! Of course you never knew what lol meant.)
So anyway, I’ve been thinking about you and me and how life would have been in your 67th year. Guess you would have looked pretty much the same, I mean you had already lost all the hair you were going to lose and the remaining was already snow white.

You would still have been the world’s best “fixer”. I really miss that, you could fix anything! Remember when we were first married and I tried to make you a toweling dressing gown? Hah! What a friggin’ disaster ;-). No problem for the mann, you just sat down figured it out and finished it yourself!

Every place we lived back home holds something you built or fixed. Kitchen units, carports, verandah extensions … you name it, you could do it. You once told me that if you sit and look at a problem for long enough… you can always figure out how to fix it.

That was you though, the most stable person I have ever met, filled with boundless optimism and the most ‘can do’ attitude ever.

How I hated it when you were always right! How come was that anyway? Cause you were so damn smart I guess … heh! You are still the only person in the world who has made me so frustrated and so mad that I threw something at you … grin. Bad boy! My beautiful iron was never quite the same again.!

Love is forever. Happy birthday baby!

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