Sunday, 2 November 2008

high flier

first of all ... allow me to apologize for any and all errant capitilization of this blog. i am using the computer of my beloved, a computer which ... i may add, has the infernal cheek to insert capitals and attempt to correct my grammar ...

All in all … not a bad trip.

Glasgow airport has a new security system, much more efficient. I managed to find my way through without having to remove either my shoes or my belt. Of course I also missed out on being body searched by the attractive security guard. But hey … we don’t always get everything we want in life…

First time coming in through Newark … yep … much faster than jfk, quite a pleasant experience actually. My flight arrived an hour early as well!
None of the above meant much as I managed to wait in the wrong place for herself.

In the freezing cold …

hah, Scotland is a warm and hospitable country in comparison to Newark airport.
So … I waited where I was, she waited where she was and eventually I thought … “best I phone the woman, as she is obviously lost somewhere between where she was coming from and where she is going to.”

Unfortunately, my mobile phone does not have international roaming. I cast my eyes around for folks with working type mobiles in their hands. I sashay over to the nearest mark, trying to look as harmless as I actually am.

“er… excuse me … are you local? Any chance you would be so kind as to make a call for me, my lift seems to have forgotten me.”

Pregnant pause …

I flash my best ‘I’m an alien and helpless in your big sophisticated country ‘smile. I fumble for my wallet … “perhaps I could reimburse you?”

Damn! I love Americans!
Back home in the good old republic I would probably have been maced. Over here, people love to help!
I gave herself’s number to my saviour, which she very kindly dialed for me and then handed over the phone.
I get the answer message … aarrgghh!
I leave a polite message, trying really hard not to sound too whiney, forgotten or neglected.

“I’m here, waiting outside international arrivals at passenger pick up number three …”

My phone lady and I continue to wait, her taxi arrives and she departs.

I begin to worry. Perhaps herself is not lost, perhaps she has been involved in an accident. I look around for a new mobile phone owner. I find a woman walking a cute little dog … she has no mobile phone! she expects me to believe that … Hah!

I scan the rapidly thinning crowd for potential call donators.

There she is … flouncing towards me … doing her new York eye roll! Shaking her head and waving her arms, intimating …


It would appear that when I called, I neglected to call her mobile. I phoned the home phone.
Fortunately being a woman of innate intelligence and with an almost psychic understanding of my modus operandi …

… herself deduced that I might well have called the home phone. A simple call to check her messages and she came to understand that I had not been arrested by immigration officials and that I was indeed waiting just outside the building …

Instead of just inside …

Where she, herself, was eagerly awaiting my arrival.


Capn Dyke said...

What an Adventure, Me Most Able SeaDyke! So pleased that ye be safe an' well.

Margo Moon said...

Well, what did we expect of you two? A smooth arrival, followed by a calm drive home, a quiet dinner, and subsequent freedom from forced capitalization? I think not!

Welcome to the States, and tell Herself Starr Ann and I say HI!