Saturday, 4 August 2007

the obedience gene... an attempt to elucidate

the obedience gene ... an attempt to elucidate

i was born with the "obedience gene", a fact of life. it made me easy prey for tyrannical teachers,i hated school! perhaps it is time that someone ... in this case, myself, propounded on the subject of the hitherto ignored "obedience gene".

time to reveal the truth ... there are children who are born obedient and there are children who aren't.obedience is a matter of nature not nurture. you may wish to disagree, feel free to do so, fortunately my obedience gene does not prevent me from freely partaking in argument or debate with anyone i consider my equal!

so...what is the effect of being born with this particular mutation? why dear reader, it produces a natural inclination to stay out of trouble by behaving oneself. the possessor of this gene will seldom make the same mistake twice. we approach the world with an innate sense of wariness. we are sensitive, careful and we frighten easily. we live to please those in authority over us, we seldom need chastising, a sideways glance will have us writhing with guilt, our obedience infected brains searching for the best, most humble way in which to make amends.

as children we obey our parents, we listen to our teachers, we are aware that actions have consequences. as adults we come to a dead stop at stop streets, we pay every penny of our taxes, we never run a red light or pirate a video, give us too much change and we will inevitably give it back. do we sound noble ...unfortunately nobility has little to do with our behaviour, it is our obedience gene which encourages our conformity, our respect for the rules and regulations of society.

i have five wonderful grandchildren and i am a doting granny! but within their rather interesting family dynamic lies the proof of "the obedience gene"! my three older grandchildren are adopted, they grew within my daughters heart, the two youngest are their biological children, they grew under her heart.

joshua, mairin and alaska, do not carry the obedience gene. they elbow their way through life with very little regard for the consequences. of course they do not particularly care for the consequences when they occur and will wail and set up a great hullaballoo when the inevitable end to such actions comes to be. no use at all giving these sweethearts a stern look, without the obedience gene a stern look is but a grimace on the face of ones elders. a good "TALKING TO" will illicit very little response other than fidgeting and eye rolling. these are perfectly normal, sometimes sweet, often kind children, they just do not have the obedience gene! liam and savannah on the other hand were born with the family penchant, the need to please ...the much maligned obedience gene. they to are perfectly normal, sometimes sweet, often kind children.however, should their behaviour displease you ... a glance is enough to reduce these little ones to tears of contrition!

the education system under which i grew and suffered, made no allowance for the sensitivities of an obediently inclined child. no one ever realized the fear engendered in our hearts and minds. a frustrated teacher, (after hours of battling with a class consisting mainly of non-mutants)would raise his or her voice and utter a mild threat of punishment... should the chaos in the classroom not subside.the terror felt in our obedient hearts could often be painful, our eyes would grow large and our palms sweaty. a rabbit staring down the barrel of a shotgun would probably endure the same degree of panic.

time to tie ourselves to the old school railings! time to object vociferously on behalf of future generations of obedient children. psychological tests should be introduced! separate schools for obedience gene carriers. no longer should obedient children have to suffer at the hands of worn out and irritable teachers. no longer should obedient children have to live in fear of the wrath of the educators. now is the time...stand up and be counted!

or perhaps ... we could offer words of wisdom to our young mutants...after all, it worked for me.
toughen up kid... deal with it....


mffalm said...

easier said than done!

animalperson said...

I'm shocked to hear you have the obedience gene. I would've never guessed!