Wednesday, 29 August 2007

the voice of time

the autumn sky is lit tonight
the moon at full, sheds dayless light
over ayrshire, riding high
an august moon now rules the sky
i stand in night, more than undark
i hear the urban foxes bark
i breath the sea and dream the salt
the traffic calm, has reached a halt
and now the velvet touch of night
embraces me with moon glow sight
stars shine, time flows, she moves
and gathers lifetimes in her grooves
each day the ticking of time's clock
inviting entry to death's flock
yesterday i was a child
young and free, running wild
tonight i hear the voice of time
reminding me to join the line
the line which moves now, slow but sure
ever closer to death's door

death breathed chill upon my neck
until i realized "what the heck"

my heart still pumps
my blood runs free
my lungs still work
quite beautifully
my arms still hold
the ones i love
my eyes still see
the sky above
i hear the sounds
of kids at play
i love the smell
of fresh cut hay
my mind still works
the words still flow
i don't believe
it's time to go

so, time and death must wait a while
i need to love, to laugh and smile
don't keep my place in the long queue
i've too much living still to do

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