Thursday, 2 August 2007

on moles and the nhs

i once had a delicious wee mole on the left side of my once wonderfully flat belly. i would lie in the sun in a somewhat skimpy bikini, beautifully summer tanned... damn...i looked good, those were the days my friend. the sexy mole was the cherry on the top! i have always believed, if you have it you should flaunt it...why not? a young body is a thing of beauty and unfortunately, usually carries an expiry date.

so that was then ...
i am no longer possessed of a flat belly, nor even a summer tan
i still have the mole, oh yes indeed! it may not be the same flat, delicious, object of desire it once was.... , but, it is still with sits there now, on my thickening midriff... an ugly blob, no longer small or brown or even actual fact, the damn thing is starting to look ever more like a pinky brown nipple!

my beloved, who assures me that she expects to wake up one day and find nothing left of me,except a giant mole beloved has spoken "that THING must come off!"

i am eternally grateful to the nhs, health problems no longer mean waiting till the last possible moment to seek medical advice. of course no one wishes to be ill, but only the uninsured will understand the feeling of utter panic, which twists the gut at the thought of "something wrong"...
translating immediately to medical bills beyond the ken of your average uninsured yokel.

i was brought up to believe in capitalism...still do. must admit though the yoke of british socialism lies easy on my shoulders.the state of civilisation required to allow no one to be uncared for while ill...i find amazing. yup, maybe they sometimes "get things wrong", perhaps you may be treated faster in another country (once they have decided you have the credit worthiness necessary to be admitted to a hospital!) least the uk has a plan, a wish,to treat all citizens with respect. children and the elderly at the very front of the queue, exactly where they should be. in the uk it is possible to grow old in your own home... with pride and dignity intact.

so yes, i'll be off to visit an nhs doctor! i will not have to pay for this necessity. if he finds something he does not like, my doctor will refer me to a specialist, if necessary...i will be offered treatments and operations. i will not be made bankrupt by endless medical bills, i will not have to endure sleepless nights wondering how i can possibly afford the treatment i need.

the nhs may be far from perfect ... at least it exists! i for one am proud to live in the united kingdom, a small island country, where all are entitled to equal medical treatment.

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