Saturday, 11 August 2007

tagged with a meme

several weeks ago mary "animal person" martin me with a meme and I must first post the rules:

1. We have to post these rules before we give you the facts.
2. Players start with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
3. People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
4. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
5. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog. i was challenged to share... with my readers, five pieces of information about myself which i would not normally share

ok, ok... information about myself i would not normally share. heck man, that is an uber challenge. enough already! the whole challenge has left me tongue tied and wordless.i have an incredible case of writers block, i now have a file full of unfinished articles, half written and then abandoned ...the guilt of an unfulfilled challenge driving me from my computer. i spend my days wondering, remembering...searching for eight elusive facts i would not normally share...
now... my life is an open book, the experiences of my journey are the compost from which my writing feeds and grows. so ... obviously i will need to dig deep...

when i was in standard three, aged about nine i guess, i had a teacher called miss day the class was very unruly and the boys kept asking to be excused to visit the toilet.our teacher became rather enraged and informed us that now no one would be allowed to go to the toilet, we should not even ask. as we all know...i am ruled by my obedience gene, i was also busting to go to the loo. what did i do..held it in until i no longer could. wet my class...
i carry the humiliation with me to this very day...

i inherited my father's legs. i have really big strong legs and wonderfully thick english ankles. manfred used to tell me ..."babe, with those could kick start a boeing!"

i always believed that my younger brother enjoyed some type of power, that he exerted a magical influence over my parents. if i wanted something or wanted to go somewhere, i would always send my poor baby brother to ask the old folks. manipulation with a capital M ...well what can i worked!

i was fifteen when i met gareth mcg at a party...he was so cute, tall, blond and slim and very handsome. we danced and smooched and a wonderful time was had by my teenage self.the following day i was informing my folks ( life was always an open book!) of what a great evening i had enjoyed and how, when gareth had held my hand i had felt an almost electric shock move up my arm.
ah, the innocence of youth...
my dad muttered something which i really did not understand until about forty years later... "probably so exciting because holding hands with gereth is like holding hands with a girl". hmmmm...did my daddy have doubts, about my heterosexuality?doubts which only occurred to me at the advanced age of fifty six!

i really, really love unleavened bread with spicy baked beans and,melted cheese on top.

i am a born and bred south african of the paler variety. when my youthful, rebellious, progressive stage ended i actually believed apartheid was a "good" system and voted at least twice for the national that is something to be ashamed of!

i once became so frustrated while arguing with manfred ... that i threw an iron at him.fortunately for me, he was a man of cat like reactions! he managed to insert the kitchen door between himself and the iron. well...he could be very annoying ...he never lost an argument...
it was a beautiful iron, it was never the same again...kind of leaked and hissed a lot after the collision with the kitchen door ...
and anyway ...did i ever claim i was perfect?

as a child, my third oldest sister pat was my idol. pat was twelve years older than me and, in my considered opinion a wonderful, wild, woman. when i was about five years old, pat must have had a boyfriend with brown the time there was a record which she played continually..."beautiful, beautiful brown eyes,i'll never love blue eyes again" my eyes are blue, my small nose was a little out of joint... 'nuff said!
when my second oldest sister maureen was married, i adored maureen...
i was so mortified by the fact that i was not allowed to sit at the bridal table with her that i howled and howled. loud and long...until she called me to sit next to her...sorry maureen! well, i never denied it, i have always enjoyed being the centre of attention....

there, finally done...surely now my writers block will lift. they do say ...confession is good for the soul!

afraid i am unable to tag eight people as i only know three people with blogs mary is one of them and judy has already been tagged by mary! still i will tag ... in no particular order ;-)



animalperson said...

That didn't hurt much, did it? Thanks for letting us in just a bit more, and sharing your journey with us.

I hear your legs are "spectacular."


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